Environments® 24 Quarter Curve Shelf, Maple Laminate

Environments® 24 Quarter Curve Shelf, Maple Laminate

208.85 USD

 16 level for extra balance and tip resistance Exceptionally long-lasting - no refinishing ever! Constructed of

 Provides required storage space

 Maple-patterned woodtones and the easy care durability of laminate produce a nurturing and warm environment that's tough adequate to withstand the realities of early childhood areas

 Ship times will vary based on product availability

 Leveling foot guarantees stability

 Present lead times are twelve weeks

 A great unit to bridge spaces and fill voids in the room layout of yours

 75 thick melamine laminate Matching bonded advantage banding Fully rounded sides Very reluctant to stains, scratches, and impact damage Easy to clean and easy to disinfect with bleach solution Shipped completely assembled, in protective product packaging Meets main environmentally friendly standards

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