Baron Modern Tufted Microfiber Push Back Recliner with Stainless Steel

Gdf Studio Baron Modern Tufted Microfiber Push Back Recliner With Stainless Steel

355.95 USD

 Contemporary With a simplistic structure composed of fresh, sleek lines, the recliner of ours offers a modern touch in any kind of home

 This convenient modern push back recliner chair provides an incredibly high degree of comfort in an attractive package

 Having a straight backrest with becoming angled legs, this chair will immediately give the decor of yours a state-of-the-art appearance

 Sure to become the new preferred area of pleasure, you and the family of yours will enjoy the recliner for years to come

 Push back RECLINER This recliner is a push-back recliner that allows you to lay back and unwind after a long day

 To feature a plush, tufted seat and backrest, this recliner pairs well with the push back function allowing for high comfort with little work

 Whether you are relaxing after a long day of work or just kicking back to watch some television, the recliner of ours has you covered

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