Offex OF-EC111HD-BU Multipurpose High Capacity 3 Tub Shelves Cart - Bl

Offex Of-ec111hd-bu Multipurpose High Capacity 3 Tub Shelves Cart, Bl

192.06 USD

 Offex's EC series utility carts are built to be reliable while having weighty loads

 Multipurpose utility cart ideal for using as serving or storage space cart, garden wagon, and more

 25 H with a clearance among racks of 10

 The EC tub carts of ours, that are probably available in the USA, are an impeccable choice for a variety of users

 While shipping goods, quickly direct the service cart amid outdoor and indoor environments using the ergonomic push handle use locking brakes when the large load of yours must remain fixed

 Ergonomic push handle molded in top shelf

 The racks are made of a material known because of its incredible strength to density ratio HDPE , assuring that every cart is durable without being cumbersome or bulky

 Maximum mass capacity of 500 lbs

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