Way Basics 11.2H Wall Rectangle Floating and Modern Decorative Eco Shelf,

Way Basics 11.2h Wall Rectangle Floating And Modern Decorative Eco Shelf,

31.49 USD

 Stack them for a structure for a double shelf effect, wear them by themselves or group them for increased storage space

 Storage Rectangles are strung from walls and mounted to any vertical surface

 It's perfect in case you want more space for the items of yours

 Little and made of sustainable, recycled newspaper, the Storage Rectangles offer a wide range of storage options for yourself and the home of yours

 They can hang from a wall the same as the cubes, though they include a bit more length to the storage space of yours

 Way Basics makes it easy to assemble too

 In case you want a storage option which has a bit more room, try the black wood grain Wall Rectangles

 If you want the design of a cube but need more room, the Rectangle is the choice for you personally

 It's formaldehyde, VOC, and non-toxic free

 Designed to be safe for your family and home

 Almost all products are made by using sustainable paperboard that zBoard is called by us

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