Vivien Outdoor Water Resistant 6'x3' Lounger Bean Bag and 18 Throw Pillows

Gdf Studio Vivien Outdoor Water Resistant 6'x3' Lounger Bean Bag And 18 Throw Pillows

228.90 USD

 Make sure you don't submerge in water

 With handles for easy portability, this set is perfect for idling by the pool on a bright summer day or for just hanging out in the sun

 This consists of a cushy water resistant bean bag combined with a stylish box edged pillow for all of the support and comfort you need to have

 This modest but resourceful set makes it easy so that you can match your current furnishings while providing additional seats and cushion comfort to the space of yours

 Water resistant FABRIC Covered with a water resistant fabric material, this lounger set is perfect for poolside consumption

 Bring the convenience of the home of yours to the backyard space of yours with the luxurious floor lounger of ours and pillow set

 Please note this set is water resistant and also not waterproof

 CONTEMPORARY/ MODERN With the simple geometric shapes of theirs and box tips, this lounger and pillow set is the meaning of contemporary design simple but functional

Brand: Gdf Studio, buy GDF Studio