Empire Bar Globe

Replogle Globes Empire Bar Globe

465.00 USD

 It's an up to date topographical map on the outside surface, and once illuminated, shows an up to date political map on the interior top

 The robust mixture lock is going to secure your select crystal or spirits drinkware

 The foundation is also designed to accommodate additional storage of bottles and cups

 When you open the northern hemisphere you are going to discover a spacious beverage cabinet which enables you to store a diverse number of spirit bottles and glasses

 Additionally, clean up is easy with any spills due to the material of the globe ball

 The LED illuminated Empire Bar Globe sets itself apart from other bar globes in many ways

 The globe ball also features a 3D raised relief feel that accentuates mountainous surfaces

 The stands casters have a locking mechanism to make sure that the globe won't inadvertently roll and will remain in the exact location you need

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