Massage Car Seat Cushion Breathable Seat Pad Non-Slip Help Relieving Back

Shenzhen Wanweile Network Tech Massage Car Seat Cushion Breathable Seat Pad Non-slip Help Relieving Back

35.64 USD

 Massage Car Seat Cushion Breathable Seat Pad Non Slip Help Relieving Lower back pain Product selling factors Made of hundred food grade silicone gel it's safety, innocuous, non irritating odor, and easy to wash ERGONOMIC MASSAGE Fluctuating 3D pillars induce buttock points, in addition air circulation is allowed by the spaces, to prevent eczema, relax muscles alleviate inactive fatigue HEALTH CARE Silicone far infrared rays promote blood circulation, improve the body's immunity and better the cure rate, which is an ideal gift for family SAFETY NON SLIP The little suckers in the cushion bottom is anti skid, and ideal for office employees, drivers, pupils and wheelchair users who very long time sitting! FOLDABLE and PORTABLE Not just appropriate as indoor seat pad for business, classroom, kitchen, dining room, but also as outdoor seat mat for camping, picnic, beach

Brand: Shenzhen Wanweile Network Tech, buy Shenzhen Wanweile Network Tech